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Heat Rejection and Ultraviolet Protection

The sun’s rays can cause a car’s interior to become uncomfortably hot. That's why having a high performance window film installed by Clear Image Window Tint & Clear Bra can reduce your car’s interior surface temperatures by as much as 30°F creating a more comfortable environment, lessening the burden on the air conditioning systems, and ultimately increasing fuel economy.

When window film is applied to your car you instantly upgrade the look, comfort and protection. Clear Image carries a wide variety of Solar Gard brand window films to fit your automotive needs.

The sun's UV rays can cause damage to a vehicle’s interior — and to human skin. Clear Image Window Tint & Clear Bra line of window films will create a protective barrier that blocks up to 99% of the sun's UV rays, which keeps your car’s interior looking newer, longer, and shields you and your passengers from UV exposure while on the road.

  1. Ultra Performance Series - Manufactured using advanced nanotechnology, it is in a class of its own. You will enjoy almost a 50% reduction in total solar heat energy without the traditional look of tinted glass.
  2. High Performance Auto Films - Created by using ground breaking Sputter Metallizing Technology, HP Supreme window film is unbeatable in heat rejection performance, durability and product life.
  3. Supreme Performance Series - This non-metallized film is manufactured with the latest window film technology to insure color stability (will not turn purple). This composition ensures the complete use of cell phones, AM/FM/SAT radio and GPS.

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Our Custom Clear Bra Installation

We know you take great pride in your vehicle and want to protect your investment. We also know that every vehicle is not the same. We pride ourselves on our custom clear bra installation. We don’t use plotters to pre-cut our bras, as we apply the protection right off the roll and custom fit each vehicle. We tuck everything, which prevents the product from lifting and it looks cleaner.

Clear Bra

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